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One summer changes their lives forever. New Zealand acting royalty Jennifer Ward-Lealand stars in this drama about a group of women – mothers, daughters, friends and neighbours. Some of their relationships are good and some are broken... This is the feature debut from Dorthe Scheffmann. Co-stars Emily Campbell, Theresa Healey and Goretti Chadwick. Featuring music by Don McGlashan. Darcy (Ward-Lealand) is a composer sees colours when she plays musical notes. When she notices her usually subtle colours changing to an intense red – she realises a profound change is upon her. Over a summer month as the house and garden resonate with the bustle of a wedding, Darcy creates for herself a time of music and reflection that help her make a final choice. Directed by Dorthe Scheffmann (feature debut) Starring Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Theresa Healey, Emily Campbell, Goretti Chadwick, Will Wallace Written by Dorthe Scheffmann Drama New Zealand

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