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14th to the 20th Feb

Film Name

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (M) 2 hrs 14 mins ( Last Week)

Thu 3pm

Fri 12.45pm

Sat 10.30am

Tue 7.30pm

COLETTE (M) 1 hr 51 mins !! NEW !!

Thu 12.50pm 7.50pm

Fri 10.30am 3.20pm

Sat 1pm

Sun 12.45pm 4.55pm

Mon 10.35am 3pm

Tue  5.25pm

Wed 12.50pm 5.30pm

Hurricane (M) 1 hr 47 mins

Thu 11am 3.25pm 7.35pm

Fri 10.50am 3.30pm 5.50pm 7.50pm

Sat 10.45am 3.25pm 7.35pm

Sun 10.45am 3pm 6.50pm

Mon 10.55am 3.20pm 7.20pm

Tue 11am 3.25pm 7.40pm

Wed 10.45am 3.15pm 7.55pm

I, Claude Monet Encore (G) 1 hr 30 mins

Thu 1.15pm 5.45pm

Fri 1pm

Sat 1.10pm 5.35pm

Sun 1pm 5.10pm

Mon 1.15pm 5.30pm

Tue 1.15pm 5.40pm

Wed 1.05pm 5.45pm


Thu 5.30pm

Fri 5.30pm

Sat 7.30pm

Sun 7pm

Mon 7.35pm

STORM BOY (M) 1 hr 47 mins  Last Week

Sun 2.50pm

Wed 3pm

THE FAVOURITE (R13) 2 hrs  Last Week

Thu 10.35am

Fri 7.40pm

Sat 5.15pm

Sun 10.30am

Mon 5.15pm

Tue 12.55pm

Wed 10.30am

THE MULE (M) 1 hr 56 mins

Sat 3.05pm

Mon 12.45pm

Tue 3.15pm

Wed 7.40pm